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This week’s best constituency award goes to (1) TJG Budiriro and (2) TJG Warren Park. We thank God for our University of Zimbabwe outreach team which is working tirelessly to fill up our remaining structures.


We are so thankful to God for the successful campaign and performance by our Advisor Dr Walter Mzembi at UNWTO election. The collective faith we had before the election must be maintained even now and forevermore. When the children of Israel suffered defeat at Ai they cleansed themselves and regrouped and tried again. They realized indeed that real failure was their inability to try again. We must feel encouraged and continue to organize ourselves and approach Ai again and again till it falls.


We have taken shape as an organization.


We shall continue to possess our territories little by little as it was promised to Joshua and we will without fail transform into a nation.


Have a lovely weekend.

TJG Ambassadors

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